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Check out M&M Dispensary by Mystic Moods online menu for ordering through our online store. Orange Creme THC-A Flower, Fruitopia THC-A Flower, THC-A Flower, THC-A Bud, Tyson 2.0, Tyson 2.0 Mike Bites, Mike Bites Delta-8 Watermelon, Mike Bites Delta-8 Sour Apple Punch. Delta-8 Cannabis Flower, Delta-8 Flower, Delta-8 Bud, D-8 Flower. THC-O Cannabis Flower, THC-O Flower, THC-O Bud. HHC Cannabis Flower, HHC Flower, HHC Bud, HHC Moonrocks, HHC Astrorocks. HHC+HHC-P+HHC-V Live Resin Moonrocks, HHC+P/V Live Resin Moonrocks, HHC+HHC-P+HHC-V Moonrocks, HHC+P/V Moonrocks, Live Resin Moonrocks. Ghost Delta-11 Disposables, Ghost Delta-11 Disposable Vapes, Delta-11 Vapes, D-11 Vapes, D-11 Disposable Vapes. Jolt THC-O+THC-P Diamond Sauce, PHC/D9/D8 Disposable Bundle, PHC/Delta-9/Delta-8 Disposable Bundle, PHC+Delta-9+Delta-8 Disposable Vape Bundle, PHC Vape, PHC Disposable Vape. Hometown Hero Delta-9 Taffy, Hometown Hero D-9 Taffy, Hometown Hero Edibles, 15mg Hometown Hero Taffy, 15mg Hometown Hero Delta-9 Taffy, Hometown Hero 15mg THC Taffy. Delta-9 Vegan Gummies, D-9 Vegan Gummies, THC Vegan Edibles, Vegan THC Edibles, Vegan Edibles, Tropical Delta-9 Vegan Gummies, Tropical D-9 Vegan Gummies, Tropical THC Vegan Gummies. Blue Lemonade Delta-9 Vegan Gummies, Blue Lemonade D-9 Vegan Gummies, Blue Lemonade THC Vegan Gummies. HiXotic Edibles, HiXotic Vegan Edibles, HiXotic THC Edibles, HiXotic Delta-9 Vegan Edibles. Heal Again After Dark Hybrid Mango Chile Delta-9/CBG Gummies, Heal Again After Dark Hybrid Mango Chile D-9/CBG Gummies. Vite Leaf THC-P/O/V Rice Crispy Treat Edibles, Vite Leaf THC-P/THC-O/THC-P Rice Crispy Treat Edibles. Happy Fruit Delta-8 Candies, Happy Fruit D-8 Candies, Happy Fruit Mixed Fruit Delta-8 Gummies, Happy Fruit Mixed Fruit D-8 Gummies. Sweet Tooth CBD Gummy Bears, Sweet Tooth CBD Edibles, Xclusive Edibles. Exclusive Delta-8 Warhead Chew Cubes, Exclusive D-8 Warhead Chew Cubes. Warhead Edibles, Delta-8 Watermelon Stoner Patch Slices, D-8 Watermelon Stoner Patch Slices, Chuckles Delta-8 Peach Rings, Chuckles D-8 Peach Rings. Chuckles Edibles, Chuckles Delta-8 Gummy Bears, Chuckles D-8 Gummy Bears. Delta-8 Pineapple Stoner Patch Rings. D-8 Pineapple Stoner Patch Rings, Sweet Tooth Delta-8 Astrofood Cookies, Sweet Tooth D-8 Astrofood Cookies, Sweet Tooth Delta-8 Astrofood Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweet Tooth D-8 Astrofood Chocolate Chip Cookies. Sweet Tooth Delta-8 Astrofood Oreos, Sweet Tooth D-8 Astrofood Oreos. Sweet Tooth Delta-8 Astrofood Oreoz, Sweet Tooth D-8 Astrofood Oreoz. Sweet Tooth CBD Gummy Cubes, Utoya Delta-9 Strawberry Daiquiri, Utoya D-9 Strawberry Daiquiri.

    Products on Sale for week of
            06/24/24 - 06/30/24

 Ghost 5000mg Gummies: 40% Off
    Blue Lotus & Runtz Disposables:                   40% Off

       We Accept Most Competitor Coupons!

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